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Rendell, Ruth

The Water's Lovely

Weeks went by when Ismay never thought of it at all. Then something would bring it back or it would return in a dream. The dream began in the same way. She and her mother would be climbing the stairs, following Heather's lead through the bedroom to what was on the other side, not a bathroom in the dream but a chamber floored and walled in marble. In the middle of it was a glassy lake. The white thing in the water floated towards her, its face submerged, and her mother said, absurdly, "Don't look!"' The dead man was Ismay's stepfather, Guy. Now, nine years on, she and her sister, Heather, still live in the same house in Clapham. But it has been divided into two self-contained flats. Their mother lives upstairs with her sister, Pamela. And the bathroom, where Guy had drowned, has disappeared. Ismay works in public relations, and Heather in catering. They get on well. They always have. They never discuss the changes to the house, still less what happened that August day... But even...

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Эссе Александра Белых "Ситуация "Рюрик Ивнев" (К 120-летию со дня рождения)"
"Судьба водила его в свете ярких имён, но уберегла от громкой славы. Его теперь знают понаслышке..."

Эссе Александра Белых "Профсоюз сумасшедших" (Об имажинисте Леониде Чернове)
"Имя его было громким, жизнь - залихватской и неуёмной..."
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